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We started out in a basement in about 2009 just so that we’d be able to say we started out in a basement.

No, but really, we did. Selling parts. Then trampolines. Then better and cooler trampolines, and that brings us to today.

Why Upperbounce?

This is where we’re supposed to say that all our trampolines and parts are made from the highest quality materials and that safe trampolining is job 1.

And it’s true. But that would be selling ourselves short, because we’re so much more. We also think up interesting trampoline ideas (stay tuned – there’s another one just around the corner) but we’re also more than just innovation. So, what exactly are we about?

We’re about everything possible in trampolines.

Everything. We’re about making every detail of ordering, assembling, owning and maintaining a trampoline simpler, easier, more intuitive, better.

More details to come, but for now, just know that we’re here for you however you’d like us – phone, email, video…we’ll answer your questions about what to order, how to figure out if the trampoline will work in your yard, and we can set it up too!

We’re one brand of the Machrus Brands group. Our parent company focuses on Family Happiness Through Outdoor Fun, providing fun and innovative yard and outdoor products – so we fit right in!