Enclosed Trampoline for Toddlers

Trampolines are an excellent way for your children to get some exercise. 

It is a great way to get them away from the electronics and enjoy some fresh air. While screen time may not be an issue for toddlers, building a more active lifestyle early can instill more active habits later in life.

 As a parent, you know how important physical activity is for both your child’s physical and mental well-being.

However, trampolines are not just for older children. Toddlers can benefit from kids' trampolines as well. 

Toddlers tend to have a lot of energy. Once they start crawling, it is hard to get them to stop.  Bouncing on a trampoline can help them burn off that excess energy in a fun and productive way. 

Children need a way to stay active and help your child’s physical fitness, mental health, and development. The healthier they are when they are younger, the less chance they have health issues later in life.

 With proper parental supervision, your toddler can work to build up their muscles, strength, and agility. It also gives them a mental workout as they focus on keeping their balance and staying upright.

Used correctly, an enclosed trampoline can help your child to develop coordination and spatial recognition. This ensures that they can get plenty of exercise in a small space.

UpperBounce makes trampolines perfect for your toddler. They will have fun while helping to develop substantial body and mental skills.

Developmental Benefits of Trampolines

  • Coordination and Motor Skill Development. Trampolines can help in Gross Motor Skill development by having the child use the body’s large muscle groups. 
  • Improve Self-Esteem. Trampolines are great for children who feel withdrawn or suffering from self-esteem issues. By doing something relatively easy and finding success, a child will build a more positive self-image.
  • Improve Posture. Good posture is crucial for good health in children. They learn to stand correctly when active or standing helps them have more energy and longer joint health. Trampolines help to strengthen your child’s leg and back muscles and improve their posture.
  • Develop Social Skills. Children develop social skills naturally with interaction with others. Trampolines allow your toddler to understand the concept of taking turns and patience with others.
  • Regular Exercise. Regular exercise is crucial for physical and mental health, even for a toddler. Allowing your child to get out in the fresh air with regular exercise helps in lung and heart health.
  • Balance. Using a trampoline requires your child to develop a sense of balance. Along with coordination and motor skill development, it allows your child to gain spatial awareness and keep their balance between staying upright.
  • Learning Persistence. With any new skill, persistence is key to success. As your toddler becomes more confident in their bouncing, they will become more persistent in learning something new. This is a skill that will aid them throughout their development.
  • Improved Mood. Bouncing on a trampoline is fun! Having fun improves our mood, and when your child is in a good mood, more other extended health benefits will also follow.

  • Studies have shown that ten minutes of active play on a trampoline is a better workout than thirty minutes of running!

    Trampolines can also provide children with an opportunity to build social skills. Children build social skills naturally, and if they are using the trampoline with another child, this can help them make them. Sharing a trampoline allows them to understand the concept of taking turns and having patience with others.

    Trampoline Safety

    While trampolines do pose their own risk of injury, buying the right trampoline and supervising your children properly can provide them with a safe and fun experience. Having a trampoline with a safety enclosure can aid in keeping your toddler safe from spills and falls. 

    Limiting jumping time and never leaving your child unattended can also reduce the risk of injuries while your child is enjoying their trampoline. Use either a handlebar or hold your child’s hands when using the trampoline to prevent injuries or falls. 

    Why Buy UpperBounce?

    Luckily UpperBounce has the answer with their enclosed kids’ trampolines for toddlers. These trampolines are perfect for keeping your toddler safe while bouncing with their friends.  With a focus on safety and durable products, you can rest easy your child will have a safe and fun time with our enclosed trampolines.

    The 7” trampoline is the perfect size for jumping around, and the safety net enclosure will keep your little bouncers safe as they enjoy the trampoline. UpperBounce enclosed trampolines are built with safety and ease of use in mind. Assembly is easy and comes with all needed tools included. The seven-foot size is perfect for yards, decks, or an indoor play area.

    The design is created with safety and durability in mind. The frame is made of high-quality steel and blow-molded plastic to ensure your child’s safety. The enclosure net entrance is supported with poles for added security and assurance of a safe experience for your children and their friends.

    Next, let’s look at the specifications for this trampoline.

    This enclosed trampoline for toddlers is seven feet in diameter and comes in either green or blue. It is 79 inches in height with three U shaped legs for support. The trampoline is secured with 36 springs and six poles. The whole product weighs about 56 pounds and has a suggested weight capacity of 150 pounds. 

    There is assembly required, but UpperBounce supplies you with all the tools you’ll need to have your kids bouncing on our indoor trampoline in no time. The trampoline also comes with a one-year warranty.

    UpperBounce recommends this trampoline for younger kids and up to 10 years old. This is the perfect enclosed trampoline for your toddler.

    At around $340, this enclosed trampoline is a great value.

    So what are you waiting for? Give UpperBounce a try to give your toddler a safe and fun trampoline experience. Your child will not only have more fun but will develop better physically and mentally.